12-Day Challange To Pick Up Trash In Austin
A photo of the Austin skyline with the buildings colored a beautiful pinkish hue from the sunset. It is connected to a blog about 7 reasons to pickup trash in Austin, Texas.

12-Day Challenge To Pickup Trash in Austin

Everyone loves a good challenge, especially one that helps your local community. That is why we have created a 12-day challenge to help you get outside and pick up as much trash in Austin as possible. Why? Well, it’s important to keep Austin clean, and one of the best and easiest ways we can do this is by picking up litter. This challenge will help you do this while making sure you have fun. 

Note: If you decide to give this challenge a go, it’s best to have a pair of gloves or a garbage stick to help keep you safe while picking up trash.

So, let’s get this challenge started and help clean up Austin one day at a time!

Day 1: 

For the first day, we are starting relatively easily. Put on your walking shoes and walk around your neighborhood for a gentle 30-minute walk. While you’re out, try to find and pick up 20 pieces of litter. You can throw them away in bins you find along your route or bring a bag with you and throw it away once you get home. This is a super easy way to help clean up Austin while getting your steps in!

Day 2: 

For Day 2, find a local green space to visit and spend an hour picking up as much trash as you can. This could be a park, local woodland, or a hiking trail. You will be surprised at how much trash you can find and how quickly an hour will go by, especially if you put on some headphones and crank up your favorite playlist. Keeping our green spaces in Austin clean is super important so we can all enjoy them as long as possible.

Day 3: 

Take a friend with you today and see who can pick up the most litter. You could choose your favorite park or green space and try to fill up a whole trash bag. This will make cleaning up Austin even more fun, and you will also get to spend an entire day with a friend.

Day 4: 

On day 4, take some time to research what can be recycled in your area and how or where you can do this. Then go for a walk in Austin and pick up as much trash as possible. Try to separate trash that can be recycled into a separate bag so that you can recycle it later. You can continue to use your new knowledge throughout the rest of this change, so not only are you keeping Austin clean, but you’re also helping to lower the amount of waste that goes to landfill!

Day 5: 

Day 5 is all about water. Keeping Austin clean doesn’t just have to be about parks and forests. You may have noticed trash build-up on the shore when walking along a river or a lake. This is dangerous for the wildlife that lives in and around these bodies of water. It’s also not very nice to look at. So for today, find a body of water and spend at least one hour picking up trash from the shore.

Day 6: 

While it’s important to help clean up Austin, it doesn’t have to take up all of your time, and we will slow it down today. As you go about your day today, try to pick up ten pieces of trash and put them in the nearest bin. This could be in the parking lot when you go grocery shopping. Or you could find some on your daily walk. Maybe you will find some trash while sitting outside your favorite coffee shop. Wherever it is, try not to go out of your way to find trash; let the trash find you.

Day 7: 

You are over halfway through the challenge! For day number 7, you can pick your favorite outdoor spot and fill an entire trash bag. Once you are done, you can take a picture and post it to your friends. If they ask, you can tell them you are doing this challenge and encourage them to participate. The more people who help, the cleaner Austin will be.

Day 8: 

Everything is more fun when you have a group of like-minded individuals with you to help out. Go online and find a local group that picks up trash in Austin and joins them for the day. Make Austin Clean may even have an event you can join. This will help to keep you motivated, and you may even make a new friend. 

Day 9: 

We are keeping it small today as you might be tired after yesterday’s task. Today you must get outside and pick up five pieces of litter within a 5-minute walk of your house. This means you are keeping Austin clean, and at the same time, you are making sure the area around your home is also clean.

Day 10: 

You are doing great with this challenge. For day 10, Find your local woodland and pick up an entire trash bag of litter. Doing this helps to lower the risk of animals getting hurt, and it’s always nice to take a walk through the trees. You could even take lunch with you to enjoy in between all your hard work cleaning up Austin.

Day 11: 

Today is another one that involves your friends. Get together and spend the day litter-picking near each of your houses. This will help you ensure you each have a clean area to live in, and doing an activity with a group of friends always helps make it easier. This task will benefit not just Austin but also you and your friends.

Day 12:

The Last Day! 

Today, challenge yourself to pick up more trash than you have any other day this week. You could go to a local green space or walk around your neighborhood – anywhere you enjoy being. You could even bring a friend or partner or return to the group you found earlier in this challenge. Whatever you decide to do, try picking up as much trash as possible!

You’ve Finished! 

Congratulations on completing this 12-day challenge. Your hard work and commitment have made a significant impact on Austin and the effort to keep it clean. Spend today looking back on how much trash you have picked up during this challenge and maybe even plan how to continue picking up trash daily.