About Us

Our Story

Make Austin Clean is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Cary Capece with the goal to help clean our city. Make Austin Clean wants you to show up and help clean your neighborhood, because if everyone just cleaned the trash and litter from their street once a week, there would be very little in each neighborhood and in Austin. We know this can work. Cary, personally, has cleaned every street in Bouldin Creek where he lives several times (Oltorf to Barton Springs between the train tracks and S Congress), and with the help from a few friends and neighbors they have already made great progress in both Bouldin Creek, Galindo, Dawson and South Lamar. Your neighborhood could be next.

Our Plan

Once every street in a neighborhood has been cleaned, we will move to the next neighborhood. To have a clean Austin, it will take the support of both the people living here and the businesses that operate in the city. We are hiring full-time staff to support cleaning the streets one neighborhood at a time, the creek beds, lakes. parks and any other areas that needs it. We will be using existing and develop our own technology to make this journey as efficient and effective as possible. It requires volunteers like you, and local businesses who are passionate about making, and ensuring Austin stays clean. You can show up and help keep your neighborhood and the city clean and beautiful.


Our Mission

To help clean the city of Austin full-time with employees, the support of neighborhood volunteers and local businesses.

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Make Austin Clean
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