4 Everyday Things That Can Harm The Environment In Austin
A photo of the Austin skyline with the buildings colored a beautiful pinkish hue from the sunset. It is connected to a blog about 7 reasons to pickup trash in Austin, Texas.

Earth Month is now over but that doesn’t mean we can’t still do our bit to protect the environment. At Make Austin Clean we believe that helping our planet is a year-round job. We know that there is so much information out there that it can be hard to know what the best thing is for the environment. We have decided to put together a list of 4 things that you might do every day that you don’t realize can harm the environment. 

Using Cosmetic Products

Many cosmetic products contain microplastics which are tiny plastic particles that cannot be filtered out in the sewage system. If they end up in the rivers in Austin and are consumed by our marine life, it can seriously damage their insides and even kill them. If you want to look after our wildlife and keep Austin clean this doesn’t mean that you have to stop using makeup or skincare products. Instead you can switch to products that contain less microplastics. 

Not throwing away batteries correctly

We’ve all had an old battery that we have thrown in the trash without thinking about it too much because we think ‘how much harm can one battery really cause’. However, not properly disposing of just one battery can have severe consequences for the environment and wildlife. If you throw a battery into the trash it will end up in landfill where it will decay and leak into the surrounding soil. It could even contaminate our drinking water. If you would like to know how to dispose of batteries, check out this list from the Austin government of battery drop off locations all around the city. This is a small thing but it will help to keep Austin Clean. 

Having Fires at Home

As we get into the summer months and we see some warmer weather in Austin, it is likely that we will also see more people having outdoor fires to dispose of garden waste or have a barbecue. These are significant contributors to air pollution in Austin as the smoke contains many harmful elements such as, carbon dioxide, methane and carbon monoxide. These can harm the environment around them by killing off vegetation or hurting animals. If you have garden waste the best option would be to check the Austin government website to find out how you can dispose of it. For your barbecues, you can switch to burning something more environmentally friendly, such as Eco Logs which give off fewer emissions; they also burn longer, and often burn hotter. There are also lots of charcoal alternatives that will still give you that smokey flavor, so you can enjoy your barbecue and also contribute to keeping the air and environment safe and clean in Austin.


You might think that this is an obvious one, however lots of people often believe that a tiny piece of litter won’t hurt the environment that much and some people may not even realize that what they are doing counts as littering. 71% of litter in Texas is micro litter which includes things such as gum and straws but cigarette butts make up the most significant portion of micro litter. This not only makes our city look messy but it can also end up being eaten by wildlife and seriously harming them . Try to put any litter that you have, big or small, into a trash can and if possible try to recycle anything that is able to. This will go a long way toward making Austin clean and protecting our wildlife. 

Make A Difference Today

Do you want to do something to help the environment in Austin? If so, consider signing up as a volunteer for one of Make Austin Clean’s events where we go out and about in different areas in Austin and spend a few hours picking up trash. You will get to meet lots of friendly people and maybe even make some new friends all whilst helping to clean up Austin. Sign up today with our Givepulse link.