7 Reasons to Pickup Trash in Austin
A photo of the Austin skyline with the buildings colored a beautiful pinkish hue from the sunset. It is connected to a blog about 7 reasons to pickup trash in Austin, Texas.

At Make Austin Clean, we feel passionate about litter picking and keeping our local spaces clean. We are sure many of you also don’t like seeing trash ruining our beautiful green spaces. You may have even thought about picking up trash you see lying around when you are out and about. However, many people stop themselves because they think picking up a few pieces of litter just isn’t going to help that much. So we’ve compiled a list of 7 reasons to go out and pick up trash and help keep Austin clean.

1. It Helps To Keep Austin Clean

This is probably the most obvious reason, but it is still very important. Nobody wants to live somewhere that is dirty. Getting out into nature and picking up even a few pieces of litter will help to keep your Austin clean and looking nice.

2. It Keeps Local Wildlife Safe

Trash lying around can harm local wildlife. They can get stuck in a soda can or chip packets. In the worst cases, they could even die. So keeping Austin clean also helps to keep the Austin wildlife safe

3. Preserve Nature And Austin For Future Generations

This is often talked about a lot when looking at things on a global scale. But it’s just as important to work hard locally to ensure that Austin is still around and, more importantly, that it’s kept clean for future generations. If we are not careful, some of the nature and wildlife we enjoy now may not be here. Picking up litter and cleaning up Austin can help to ensure it will still be here in 50 years

4. You Could Inspire Someone Else To Pick Up Litter

As we pointed out earlier, many people think that just one person going out and picking up litter once in a while won’t make much of a difference. However, if somebody sees you trying to make a difference, you could inspire them to also go out and help to clean up Austin. Before you know it, everyone will be out and about picking up trash.

5. It Will Make You Feel Good

Picking up trash and knowing that you are contributing to keeping Austin clean will undoubtedly make you feel great. You will get a rush from knowing you are doing something good for Austin and the community.

6. You Could Meet New People

Helping to clean up Austin doesn’t have to be boring! At Make Austin Clean, we often have specific days when our volunteers will be out picking up trash. You could join one of these days and make some new friends, all while helping to make sure Austin is clean.

7. It Helps You To Get Outside

Lastly, getting outside and spending time in nature is great for our mental health. Combine that with doing a good deed and helping Austin stay clean; it will make you feel even better. It’s a win/win!

Ready to Volunteer with Make Austin Clean?

We hope that these 7 reasons help to inspire you to clean up Austin. Whether you pick up one piece of trash every day or you spend your weekends in a local park with a trash bag and gloves, it all counts toward keeping Austin clean. Consider joining us at Make Austin Clean and sign up as a volunteer. Just go to the give pulse website and register. It is that easy to make a different and help clean up Austin.